Fat Lot Of Good

Last October, we finally cleared our schedules and went back to Seagrass Studio, with charts for each of the 14 songs. A few of the songs still needed vocals and backing vocals . .

CG GO BIG OR GO HOMELeft to Right – Kieran Mulroney, me, Brad Wood.

We put together a list of the overdubs we had to do to finish the record ­­- and then took no calls, made no calls, rescheduled all dental, mental, governmental, accidental, parental, sentimental and transcontinental appointments.



It took two weeks, after which we left Brad alone to mix. This is what we came up with:


Fat Lot of Good will be released October 14th as a limited edition double album, heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Signed copies of it are available at Pledgemusic.com, as well as related and not-so-related items (such as Pogues records, DVDs, posters, t-shirts, merchandise and memorabilia).

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