Heading to England


4 thoughts on “Heading to England

  1. Hi James,
    Really enjoyed your talk in Leeds,and it was a great pleasure meeting you afterwards,will be at the front at the Stockton Weekender as you suggested(we always get to the front anyway).Sorry my new phones camera flash blinded you!!!
    Will save the book to read on holiday.
    Look out for us at Stockton,
    Joe & John

      1. Hello again James,
        Another great show at Stockton,but couldnt make Paris as it was Joes 21st and would have upset the wife,so have to make do with the fantastic box set.James,i know this is a massive longshot,but we will be in Memphis,Nashville,New Orleans next May and if you and your band are anywhere near we will make sure we get to see you.Cant wait for the O2,will be at the front in front of you and Messrs Chevron and Woods as usual.All the very best from Yorkshire.

      2. John, Nice to hear from you again. Sorry you couldn’t get to Paris. It was a very special few days, and I think the results bear that out. As far as the South is concerned – well, we haven’t played the South for a long time. But I can’t rule anything out. Wave something at the O2. Maybe I’ll spot you.

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